Georgia Pulham Give Blood

  • Tauira / Student
    Georgia Pulham
  • Kaiako / Lecturer
    Jo Bailey

Give blood is a multi-touchpoint annual campaign based on three theories and methods, design for behaviour change, leveraging the social contract and tone/language. This one-month-long campaign does not aim to take the place of the current NZ Blood campaign and branding, but rather to run alongside it and target the demographics that don’t connect with the current system. The new system brings together all aspects of the user experience before donating.
The Give Blood campaign includes posters, social media ads, brochure, an eligibility quiz and a booking website. My design approach heavily considered human-centred design; I was creating this for young adults, so they had to be at the centre of every decision I made.

The colours and font chosen for my final design output came from the exploration of how people felt when user testing. People wanted to learn and be encouraged without feeling scared and pressured, which is how some young adults felt when seeing the current branding of NZ Blood. My approach was to make the designs playful, recognisable, conversational and empathetic. I did this with my chosen colour pallet, typefaces and copywriting. Filmotype Maxwell was the chosen typeface, a bouncy interlocking serif that creates a playful and informal visual style. The colours chosen to compliment the typeface are used to continue the conversational and informal tone, this helps users take in stark information in a more digestible way.

Although this project focuses on the user experience before donating blood. I do imagine Give Blood being a whole ecosystem that could facilitate the entire process from finding out about donating blood all the way to how the donation van looks.

Overall this project has been made to motivate young kiwis to donate blood using persuasive tone and visual language, which created an engaging user experience. It is a human approach to gaining more donors in Aotearoa. Recognisable. Conversational. Empathetic.