Grace Costello Inclusive Intelligence

  • Tauira / Student
    Grace Costello
  • Kaiako / Lecturers
    George Hajian, Tatiana Tavares, Becky Ford
  • School
    AUT Art + Design

As Artificial Intelligence rapidly develops, ethics are being left out of the conversation in exchange for quick output. Similar to a modern-day space race. Those in positions of influence surrounding AI are mostly not considered a minority and lack the experience to understand the importance of making AI and its outcomes equitable. The information in most publicly available Artificial Intelligence comes directly from the internet. If left unchecked the neglect of ethics in the development of AI will result in more inequity towards minorities. The other danger lies in convenience. We accept confidently incorrect answers from AI in exchange for a level of convenience we have never experienced before.

Inclusive Intelligence is designed to spark curiosity in the viewer and use this curiosity as momentum for them to investigate and action the solution. By using design in a way that feels contemporary and approachable, Inclusive Intelligence gets the viewer to mentally question the legitimacy of the information they are receiving from AI. It also gets them to physically ask these questions to the AI itself. By suggesting prompts and areas of investigation the viewer can take the exploration into their own hands and see the issue firsthand for themselves. The campaign is designed to evolve and change quickly as new information comes to light.

Aimed at early adopters (young people, people in tech, people invested in pop culture) Inclusive Intelligence’s goal is to get people thinking critically about the information they are receiving. The aim is that the viewer starts questioning the info they see, both internally and physically. By encouraging them to directly ask the AI questions about its integrity so that they can see the flaws for themselves.

There are two main intended outcomes for the campaign. The first is awareness. As Artificial Intelligence becomes so mainstream important issues such as this are bought to the forefront of people’s attention. By making people aware of the issue, they can make more conscious decisions about their use of AI and its outputs. The other intended outcome of the campaign is a physical change. Programs such as ChatGPT learn from not only the data they take from the internet but also how people use and interact with them. By asking it questions about its biases its algorithms start to learn. This means it gets back to the developers and if they see this pushback from their users, they are likely to review their data sets.

As our society learns to adjust to life with Artificial Intelligence being used as a tool with it we need to be critical about how we use it and how we interpret its outcomes. Although this tool is revolutionary we must make sure that it is being developed and used responsibly to avoid historical issues around equality being dragged into the future.