Sophie Lewis Less than 5mm

  • Tauira / Student
    Sophie Lewis
  • Kaiako / Lecturers
    Marcos Mortensen Steagall, Fiona Grieve

The publication 'Less than 5mm - The plastics we don't see in the world', visually communicates the harmful effects of micro-plastics on coral reefs. The project's communication strategy is a call aimed to transform guilt to action, transforming a consumerist perspective from micro-plastics to foster a micro-change.
This practice-led research project responds to the question: How can Communication Design be employed to raise awareness of the micro-plastics effects on coral reefs, and encourage a shift in mentality of single-use plastic? Micro-plastics are defined as fragmented plastic particles of less than 5mm; tiny particles that leave a huge and dangerous impact on coral reefs. Although plastic has been marketed as a desirable product, since the earlies 50s, in truth, they are responsible for a fast-paced destruction on our ecosystems.
The project encompasses the concept of desirability and beauty, creating a facade to draw the reader in, only to uncover the raw truth of micro-plastics. Conscious design decisions were considered to ensure that the publication was not adding to the issue of ocean plastic pollution, through the use of risograph printing and soy-based inks. The publication considered only sustainable practices and materials, aligning and embodying the ethos of the project. It aims to challenge consumer habits and encourage individuals to make micro-changes in their daily lives.