Tara Falconer Grounding

  • Tauira / Student
    Tara Falconer
  • Kaiako / Lecturers
    Marcos Mortensen Steagall, Fiona Grieve

‘Grounding’ is a Graphic Design project that seeks to inspire women to connect with nature, find their inner strength, and become agents of change for people and the planet.
Drawn from ecotherapy practices and ecofeminism theories, the project aims to foster women to connect with nature as a means of self-care, while developing ecological consciousness. Ecofeminism advocates for women's empowerment by recognising the intersectionality of gender and environmental issues, encouraging them to take an active role in promoting sustainable practices and environmental justice.
The project draws from ecotherapy to provide women with prompts and ideas to connect with nature and improve wellbeing, increase appreciation for the natural world, and live more sustainably. The outcomes of this project include a publication printed on recycled paper and hand-bound with a natural fabric cover, accompanied by a card set featuring forty ecotherapy ideas and prompts. The graphic set, which has been carefully crafted through hand drawings and linocut prints, is inspired by each of the five senses to encourage readers to appreciate the sensory experiences that nature provides and admire its beauty in new ways. Laser-cut shapes bring the graphics to life in a tactile and natural form, and everything is packaged in a handmade, embroidered bag for easy access on outdoor adventures.
While targeting women, the project creates an inclusive space for anyone to engage in ecotherapy activities and learn about sustainable practices. By fostering a greater appreciation and care for the environment and themselves, 'Grounding' aims to create a ripple effect that empowers women to be voices of change and activism.