Kendra Smith Blu’s Backpack

  • Tauira / Student
    Kendra Smith
  • Kaiako / Lecturers
    Tatiana Tavares, Marcos Mortensen Steagall

Blu’s Backpack is an illustrative and informative picture book that follows along with a character, Blu, who has Autism. The brand project intends to help support and raise awareness about Autism among primary school children. The illustrative picture book brings knowledge and educational help to children who have been recently diagnosed and are struggling to understand the disorder. Arguably, there seem to be limited educational resources or picture books specifically aimed at Autistic children and this is something I want to create to help that gap in the market.
The book tells Blu’s story and everything he stores in his backpack that helps him to go about his daily successes and struggles with Autism. I created ‘Blu’ as someone who young children could relate and be identified with and feel as though they are not alone or different.
The book contains 14 pages of illustrations and information told through a playful perspective, steering away from a clinical approach. My production and creation techniques consisted of surveys and interviews with families to gain the correct knowledge and terminology. Methods of storyboarding, drawing and illustrating of ‘Blu’ were combined to create the final picture book.
This picture book would be distributed at clinics, paediatrician offices, libraries and schools for parents, families and children.