Stephen McCarthy 6 Month Done

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Director
    Stephen McCarthy
  • Client
    Mental Health Foundation

Habits are hard to keep but by doing something small every day it's easier to keep on track. I used the technique personally when I wanted to stop drinking and seven years later I know it works - doing the same thing everyday, (and only aiming for a month to start with) kickstarted a lifetime of change for me personally.

I approached the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand to see about partnering on the concept of mental health as a creative way to help users be more mindful - and by just starting with an easily achievable month.

The Month Done Journal was created with a page for each day of the month containing a simple text prompt and plenty of blank space. It comes with a Bookmark to help know your place and what day you are up to printed on heavy duty colour plan stock.

The Journal encouraged users to draw, write, sketch, scribble, paint or express themselves in any way they wanted on their own personal mindfulness journey. After discussions with the foundation - It morphed into something bigger, spearheading New Zealands' first ever Mindfulness Month as the hero tool.

With over 2000 journals sent for free across Aotearoa the response was heartwarming and powerful with over $80,000 raised for the work of the Mental Health Foundation in New Zealand.

The responses artistically ranged from simple pen drawings, pencil poems, collage, felt pen sketches through to fully painted and customised outputs from our users around the country. ( Most of the images you see are from users Instagram posts so the quality is not the best)

Year 2 is underway with double the amount of books dispatched so far and a goal of raising over $100k in 2023.