Designworks 181 Vision-Thing Flying Fish Blockhead VFX New Zealand Māori Arts and Crafts Institute Tiaki and the Guardians

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Directors
    Joe Harawira, Anzac Te Reihana Tasker, Dominic Antelme, Ian Sweeney, Jason Bock, Sam O’Flaherty
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    James Rickard, Guy Moana, Okiwi Logan Shipgood, Eraia Kiel, Daz Caulton, Stefan Coory, Jeremy O’Brien, Mariam Tawfik, Jenny Simpson, Grace Blewitt, Henare Johnson, Saini Tuitupou, Jahmaine Cummings-Hodge, Sam Attenborough, James Moore, Kathryn Cunningham, Theo Faithfull, Crighton Bone, Lisa Kissin, Holly Keeman, Nicola MacAllen, Grant Major, Ant Davies, Hannah McKenzie Yates, Matt Johnston, Camille Masterantonio, Mahuia Brigman-Cooper, Nathan Pickles, Anita Ward, Matic Prusnik, Eds Erimiha, Lucy Currey, Lauren Tipene, Doug Rewi, Fraser Clements, Matthew Collins, Shannah Gibson
  • Client
    Air New Zealand, Te Kāhui Tautiaki

Tiaki and The Guardians:

Te Kāhui Tautiaki, Air New Zealand, Designworks, New Zealand Māori Arts and Crafts Institute, Vision-Thing, Flying Fish, Blockhead VFX.

As Aotearoa prepared to reopen its boarders to the world after a nationwide rāhui from our overseas manuhiri for over two years, Araraurangi (Air New Zealand) and Te Kāhui Tautiaki took a moment to breathe, to regather and to wānanga in depth on how best to welcome the world back to our shores under a cloak of tiakitanga and through a world view unique to this place. Shifting the mindset to proactively attract conscious travellers that align with our values, a decision was made to send a wero to the world, that Aotearoa has lifted its rāhui, and is ready to invite all those who share in our cherished spirit of manaakitanga.

As the binding agent that connects the world to Aotearoa, Araraurangi saw an opportunity and responsibility to be the carrier of that message, dedicating their safety video and energies to project the Tiaki Promise far and wide. The Tiaki Promise is a unique kaupapa that invites our manuhiri to behave like guardians as they travel through Aotearoa. Providing an open source of mātauranga to our guests to help look after this place and themselves during their journey here.

To execute the video, The rōpu Māori within Te Kāhui Tautiaki and Araraurangi called upon a unique and diverse set of tohunga, to seamlessly integrate pūrakau Māori, te reo Māori, Toi Māori, Taonga Pūoro Māori and Mātauranga Māori into every aspect of the process, the composition of the script and its visual storytelling. Combing through every detail of each medium to ensure te ao Māori integrity, whilst remaining relevant to the kaupapa of safety. Blending tikanga expertise and leading technology to illuminate the clues left deep within our pūrakau by our ancestors, to tell the story of guardianship in a way the world has never seen before.

Since its release in May, the video has been viewed more than 27 million times around the world. Eclipsing all expectations and shining a light back on Aotearoa after difficult times for our nation’s tourism community.

Behind the scenes and final video provided. Tēnā Koutou.