Clemenger BBDO Limited 21 Flux Animation Studio 3 Paper Triangles Collective Force OMD Snapchat Archer PR Fondle Filter

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Director
    Brigid Alkema
  • Ringatoi Matua / Design Directors
    Alex Metson, Julia Ferrier, Mike Gwyther
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Sally Hooper, Brett Hoskin, Carne Godfrey, Matthew Mason, Nick Ascough, Tayler Gover
  • Kaitautoko / Contributors
    Laban Dickinson, Joshua Forsman, Conrad Crooks, Frank Shi, Xuan Buddhavong, Jye Trudinger, Toaki Okano, Angela Spain
  • Client
    Testicular Cancer New Zealand

Brief and Context:

Testicular cancer is the most common cancer amongst young men aged 18-39. Each year in Aotearoa, 175 men are diagnosed with the disease and 8 will die from it. Globally, over 9,000 die. The good news is, if you find lumps early, it is almost always curable. Trouble is, self-check rates are low.

The Idea:

We reminded guys of a truth they innately and universally know – it’s fun to play with balls.

The Fondle Filter is a Snapchat AR lens that turns any ball-shaped object into testicles, encouraging guys to play with their own.

By intentionally removing the weight of the issue, the Fondle Filter uses unexpected design and humour to engage in a fresh way. Guys can now turn any ball-shape into a handful of fun – which could turn out to be a lifesaver.

User experience:

By scanning the custom Snapcode or tapping social AV, users are instantly taken to the Fondle Filter experience. Once there, they simply use the camera to find something round, which triggers the interactive balls for them to start playing with.
The Fondle Filter is designed to live within the world of Snapchat with an organic and authentic look. The testicles react to movement of hands; changing colour, bulging, and swinging side-to-side, back and forth.

Once users have had their fun, they can tap through to to find out how to properly check for lumps.


The overall colour palette is intentionally bright and loud, creating a look and feel that’s the opposite of how testicular cancer is often portrayed. Where others go heavy or overtly masculine, we went playful and candy-like.

The balls are bright and vibrant with three different colour-ways. Each testicle changes colour when played with, further adding to the fun of it all.

The look and feel was consistently applied across all mediums, from the Fondle Filter itself through to the cheeky OOH.

On billboards and posters, sports-ball imagery was used to have a laugh and create intrigue about what would be found on the Fondle Filter, while clearly acknowledging it was all about testicles.

Solution and Impact:

Launching during testicular awareness month, the Fondle Filter was activated across multiple channels including Snapchat, VOD and broadcast AV, and OOH. The campaign further targeted young men by featuring during live sports, sports shows and news media. The Fondle Filter lives on as a permanent lens within Snapchat, allowing guys to fondle at any time and creating an ongoing way for Testicular Cancer NZ to engage with young guys.


3.2 million plays on Snapchat
1.4 million impressions
+ $500K media exposure