Public Good Award

Space Between Space Between

Public Good Award 2016 Credits
  • Creative Director
    Jennifer Whitty
  • Team Members
    Jessica Wigg, Larissa Banks, Tory Leeming, Anna Hicks, Holly McQuillan, Tim Parkin, Annie Bretherton, Patricia Given, Jane Street, Emily Bulkley
  • Contributors
    Mary Laine, Stephen Holdaway, Dexter Edwards, Catherine Adams, Chloe Johnston, Vanessa Crowe, Earthlink Apparel, NZ Post Corporate Sustainability team, The Colombian Community of Porirua, TEZA (Transitional Economic Zone Aotearoa), Penny Rose, Open Lab, Create it Not Waste it models, Space Between flashmobbers, Sustainable Business Network, Chris Bennewith, Simon Mark, Rebecca Lockhart, Nikita Brown, Manahi Ngaia, Two Pumps, Kendal Bird, Jo Bailey
  • Client
    Massey University