Daylight Creative 3 COVID-19 Vaccine Explainer Series

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Director
    Toby Morris
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Sepi Sadeghi, Madeleine Chapman, SiewWee Hng, William Kusuma
  • Kaitautoko / Contributors
    Deanne Dychinco, Kathy Do
  • Client
    World Health Organisation

Amidst a deluge of misinformation and speculation during a time of heightened global panic, we were briefed to create a content series that distilled the complex science of vaccines and viruses into digestible and engaging content that would be translated and viewed on a world stage. The World Health Organisation needed COVID-19 vaccine explainer content fast.

We knew from our previous graphic work delving into complicated topics that the best results come when people see themselves reflected in our content. It needed to be simple, beautiful and human-centric.

And thus, our Vaccine Explainer Series was born - using beautiful, simple graphic elements and characters to tell the human side of vaccine development, and speaking directly to the commonly searched questions about COVID-19 protection. What’s a vaccine? What’s in it? How is it stored and distributed?

This approach saw the creation of our Vaccine Explainer Series; a comprehensive suite of GIFs, illustrations, 30-second animated videos and stills that distilled the vast amount of scientific information into four core topics; how vaccines work, how they’re developed, how they’re manufactured and the different types of vaccinations available.

Sounds full-on? The brief got deeper. Not only did these executions have to be simple and scientifically correct, but they had to be directly translatable across multiple languages and cultural contexts. The usual ‘way in’ of connecting with people on a colloquial, cultural level wouldn’t work here. We had to communicate our human-ness through beautiful simplicity and undeniable truth-telling.

The reach of this campaign has been exponential. Through a social good partnership with Facebook, the roll out of our first two topics have reached over 500 million people and was shared by some of the largest - and most trusted - global organisations on the planet; United Nations, UNICEF, and even Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance.

Our final suite of content totalled 1,200 collateral and has been touted as a best in class example of crisis, science and humanitarian communication.