Noa Blanket Co 3 Limitless Range

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Director
    Whakaawa & Josh Te Kani
  • Pou Rautaki / Strategic Lead
    Whakaawa & Josh Te Kani
  • Pou Taketake / Cultural Lead
    Josh Te Kani
  • Ringatoi Matua / Design Director
    Whakaawa Te Kani
  • Kaituhi Matua / Copywriter Leads
    Josh Te Kani, Hana Tapiata
Judge's comments:

The judges praised the tactility, richness of palette and density of pattern in this cultural taonga that will be cherished for generations and beautifully manufactured here in Aotearoa.


Noa Blanket Co. weave luxury NZ Wool blankets that share stories of our inherent identity, each narrative a unique expression and extraordinary perspective of our common world. Intentionally drawing on Māori design, made here in Aotearoa, Noa Blanket Co. blankets give a deeper meaning to the ceremony of gift giving, sharing treasured designs that become an heirloom, reflecting our identity in our home, supporting the transmission of intergenerational knowledge through art & textile. We believe sharing our individual story reiterates our connectedness, as the essence of each celebrates our shared core values.

Each blanket is a vibrant tapestry that tells a story, featuring patterning and design elements that not only warm and calm a restless body, but is a work of art, a tāonga, a collaboration of culture and colour, a woven representation of our communities, and our Nation's strength and resilience - in a fabric which in itself is apart of our story, wool.

The Limitless Range embodies our ambition to live intentionally, to acknowledge each step in the pursuit of our goals, as an individual thread woven into our tapestry of life and is a new addition to the family of blankets by Noa Blanket Co. This fourth collection of tāonga is the first ‘woven to order’ offering compared to previous limited edition collections.