YY Nation Legacy Collection

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Director
    Jeremy Bank
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Rik Olthuis, Callum McDonald, Milovale Tiatia, Natasha Bank, Olaya Navaro, Kim Faiga
  • Kaitautoko / Contributors
    Dana Scruggs, Chris Bleakley

YY Nation is a sustainably focused footwear brand. Taking real effort into replacing plastic components with natural materials and reducing carbon emissions wherever possible.

Founded in 2018, when the founder was on holiday in Hawaii with his family. He noticed the once pristine beach was now littered with plastic flakes. This caused him to ask himself ‘Why’ was all this pollution happening and ‘Why’ something could not be done about it. We are a questioning brand, set out to change the way we make footwear and produce the lowest impact shoes on the planet.

On launch we released the lowest carbon rated sneakers in the world. Our Bamboo Nimbo, measuring in at 5.45 kg CO2e. This was the result of over 4 years of R&D and testing to generate natural plant and organic based alternatives. The shoes are made from the most sustainable and renewable materials, including: pineapple husk, algae, sugarcane, bamboo, NZ Merino wool and castor oil. These materials all provide opportunity to replace petroleum-based plastics and reduce emissions. Most materials utilized help remove carbon from the atmosphere, some clean water and others are even carbon negative. We also have minimised waste by repurposing offcuts, using them to produce alternative products such as Eco flooring. In total 12 different components have been created, all sourced using our own ethical supply chain, tested for their environmental impact, and independently certified.

The Legacy Collection:
Cirro: The allrounder, comfortable in all scenarios.
Nimbo: The slip on and conquer the world shoe.
Alto: Built for support and comfort, take them out in any condition.
Strato: Your tough and durable shoe with increased pineapple leather layering.

The soles feature either Algae or sugarcane foam. Algae is the fastest growing water-based plant that clogs up waterways due to fertiliser run off. With each pair of shoes, 15m3 of air is cleaned of Carbon Dioxide while also cleaning and restoring 24 litres of water to the environment. Sugarcane is one of the world’s most sustainable sources for creating resins that are carbon neutral.

The fabric upper is available in NZ merino wool or Bamboo. Merino wool is anti-odour, anti-bacterial and regulates your foot temperature. Bamboo is the world’s fastest growing land-based plant that uses the least amount of water to grow, absorbing huge amounts of cardon dioxide from the atmosphere.

All detailing is done using pineapple leather. Pineapple husks were previously burnt, generating massive amounts of pollution and CO2. Now they are collected, and their fibres are made into a durable leather alternative.

Castor oil is used to replace any harmful fosill fuels in our soft in soles.

We pride ourselves on our waste minimisation and low carbon emissions throughout our legacy collection, while also appealing to the mass fashionable market with bright popping tones and incredible comfort. All our footwear is anti-bacterial, temperature regulating, sweat resistant and machine washable. Not only do we aim to produce as little carbon as possible, but the remaining carbon is offset to ensure a zero-carbon ethos rating.