Thomas Mackisack 6 Ryan Crooks Sam Forte Tessa Livingston-Pooley Prada Lusso

  • Tauira / Students
    Thomas Mackisack, Ryan Crooks, Sam Forte, Tessa Livingston-Pooley
  • Kaiako / Lecturer
    Jason Mitchell
  • School
    College of Creative Arts, Massey University

For this project, the brief focused on how 3D digital applications can be applied to the design process in order to visualise, communicate, and test aspects of structure, function, materiality, form and human factors in relationship to objects and people. We explored these processes through boat design, using a 12 metre working boat hull with drive lines. Provided by a naval architect, the hull features a variable V shape design, with sharp entry for a smooth ride.

Designed during the 36th America's Cup in Auckland, we looked to the presenting and naming partner of the event: Prada. We proposed the design of a Prada boat intended as a luxury spectators boat for the event and beyond. This choice provided a rich sailing history and design language to draw from, making for an exciting yet challenging project.

We first looked at Prada’s history in the cup, winding back through their boat designs to the beginning of the Luna Rossa sailing team. In 1997, it was the encounter between Patrizio Bertelli, Prada Group’s CEO, and Argentinian yacht designer German Frers, that gave life to the sailing team. Mr. Bertelli’s passion for sailing began long before his involvement in the cup and continues over 20 years after the teams first win, with 2021 marking the sixth time they have launched as Challenger of Record.

The past three America's Cup events have seen incredible advancements in sailing technology and design, shifting from slicing through water to flying over it. This years cup was no exception, presenting the revolutionary fully foiling monohull AC75. The combination of Prada’s sailing history and passion, with high performance design of the “avant-garde” AC75 monohull, made for significant inspiration in the design process, drawing on the materiality and forms of this new generation in sailing. The design process also drew aesthetic inspiration from the Prada brand and its’ products, balancing between their traditional design of leather goods and their Linea Rossa collection, focusing on technical fabric innovation and exploring the power of simplicity through essential lines and a sharply-tuned palette.

Prada Lusso is a concept boat fusing Prada’s sailing history, passion and high performance design with the form language of both its traditional and innovative products. The 45 foot luxury launch has a centre console design for an optimal spectating experience. The bow seating has a retractable dining table, designed to cater to the occasion. The roof of the centre console also sports a retractable design, shading the stern seating. Ergonomic considerations were made, testing the design virtually using CAD. Designed for day trips, below deck are amenities for its guests and a kitchenette for its staffers to serve guests at their request.

The model was digitally rendered and then manufactured at 1:15 scale using SLA 3D printing, CNC machining and careful handcraft to achieve a high-resolution model.

Named Lusso, Italian for Luxury.