Rhys Taplin Te Hanga (the creation)

  • Kaiako / Lecturer
    Tim Miller
  • School
    Victoria University of Wellington, School of Design

Te Hanga (the creation) - Designed as part of a furniture project for The Living Pā, is a modular seating system that delves into traditional Māori narratives surrounding Ranganui and Papatūānuku and their tale of love and despair.

These powerful mythological tales can be told not only from a psychological perspective but also from a physical one. Te Hanga is the physical embodiment of Rangi and Papa. It explores the unique and organic properties of the Koru (a symbol for creation) and uses that shape in a more modern and contemporary fashion to help depict the narrative of 'how the world came to exist' in a new light.

The chair was designed to be pushed together and pulled apart in a modular formation. It has been carefully crafted in such a way that allows for not only one but an infinite number of configurations to be formed.

As people learn to manipulate Te Hanga, the possibilities and outcomes become limitless and can only be bound by ones imagination.