Molly Whitehead Sustainable In-tent

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    AUT Art + Design

Sustainable In-tent is a collection of garments made entirely from old tents that were destined for landfill.

For this project I had to create a collection based on my own design ethos. Sustainability is something that I have always been passionate about but during the creation of this mini-collection it clarified for me that my goal is to be a 100% sustainable eco-streetwear designer.

I knew that I wanted to use existing fibres in this collection to show what can be achieved through the process of up-cycling. All of the items you see here have been made using old canvas tents that were destined for landfills. These tents were no longer useful because they had pieces missing, or were damaged beyond repair. They were obtained from several scout troops across Auckland, and some of them were up to 40 years old.

I have incorporated numerous tent features in to the designs, like the ‘tent vent’ on the back of the jacket, re-using old repair patches and re-using the original rivets and stitching across all pieces. It was important to me to use features from the tent’s history whilst still creating functional and wearable contemporary clothing.

Another important aspect of this project was my desire to calculate and off-set my carbon footprint. During this brief I spent 37 hours using equipment and I calculated my emissions at 36kgs of CO2. I have 100% offset these by volunteering in community-building projects with environmental outcomes.