Josh Thomas Sicuro

  • Tauira / Student
    Josh Thomas
  • Kaiako / Lecturers
    Jason Mitchell, Lyn Garret
Judge's comments:

Sicuro puts a modern spin to the classic pairing of surfboard and roof rack. The judges admired the technical resolution and attention to styling that would look good alongside any coastline. The design is commended for its attention to detail and high resolution, accommodating multiple boards and sizes with a speedy installation process complemented by its attention to user touch points and board security.


Sicuro is an innovative and easily removable clamp system designed to enhance the surfing experience. Developed as an alternative to the traditional strops used to secure surfboards onto vehicles, Sicuro offers better security, aesthetics, and ease of use.

Recognising the shortcomings of the conventional strop attachment process, I aimed to streamline and simplify the entire experience. Many users reported that the time-consuming and repetitive nature of using strops detracted from the joy of surfing and outdoor adventures. These strops frequently cause damage to vehicles, as well as pressure dings to surf boards making installation and use frustrating.

Sicuro addresses these challenges by providing a premium solution tailored to the needs of professionals and outdoor enthusiasts who value accessibility, efficiency, and style. By eliminating the need for strops, our clamp system saves valuable time and effort, enabling users to focus on their recreational activity. With Sicuro, the installation process is simplified, eliminating the tedious process of using strops and allowing users to have peace of mind that their board is protected and secure.

Sicuro’s clamp system features a rubber Santoprene inner housed in a diecast aluminium body, providing optimal board protection against pressure dings and theft. The use of lateral tension to securely and safely hold two surfboards on top of any vehicle, provides a reliable and hassle-free transport method.This lateral tension, coupled with a surfboard's fundamental rail shape (taper), effectively secures the boards in four places. Sicuro’s ergonomic design incorporates intuitive touchpoints and directional cues, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Sicuros modular composition is designed to adapt to different roof rack weight class crossbar profiles. This versatile configuration reduces tooling costs and allows Sicuro to be a cost-effective product that can easily integrate with existing industry-leading roof-rack technologies.

As a premium product, Sicuro aims to establish itself in the recreational sport accessories and vehicle accessories market by addressing a significant gap in surfboard attachment solutions. Sicuro not only provides speed, efficiency, and security but also aligns with the aesthetic of premium cars.