Joshua Taylor Phased

  • Tauira / Student
    Joshua Taylor
  • Kaiako / Lecturers
    Yueyun Song, Rodney Adank, Lyn Garrett, Jason Mitchell

Phased is a multi-functional luminaire, transforming from task light to ambient light through a simple, surprising and engaging movement that physically morphs the form of the luminaire while also changing the quality of the light. One phase delivers a warm light for improving the illumination of a space, creating ambient lighting. The other produces a concentrated direct light for tasks requiring close attention.

The challenge was to create a geometric transformation that distinguishes the two different lighting functions. The project was conceived through extensive prototyping and modelmaking which continued throughout the development process. Intrigued by angle poise lamps, I began experimenting with both form and articulation, searching for the ‘aha’ moment as the user interacts and reconfigures the lamp, looking for the ability to alter or transform a solid form.

The luminaire has a simple and cohesive form in both phases, using a parallelogram linkage to guide the transformation of the cap, and the translucent body adds depth and warmth to the light in the ambient light phase. Materials are acrylic and aluminium.