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    Massey University College of Creative Arts

My partner and I recently moved into a small one-bedroom apartment in Wellington, the biggest problem we faced was storage. With our apartment not having a built-in wardrobe or any additional storage solution, storing items such as clothing, towels, and other items proved to be difficult. Furthermore, when purchasing a storage system, it was difficult to find an affordable, well-rounded, multi-functional system that would cater to the needs and accommodate for two people. This ultimately led me into tackling a second problem; over-consumption. We have an overabundance of stuff that needs to be stored away, often causing cluttered, chaotic and stressful home environments, especially when living in a smaller space.

My mission is to educate and inspire people to live a happier, healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. With many of us having too much stuff, mindful educates its customers in ‘smart storage solutions’ and ways to declutter their homes. The giant retail company IKEA, storage was not a big theme in 1990, whereas in 2015 the IKEA catalogue were bursting with smart storage solutions. Mindful is playing in with the trend of decluttering and mindfulness. This guided me into designing a well-rounded, free-standing multifunctional storage system for personal items with emphasis on only holding the necessities that the user identifies as valuable. This product will benefit the user’s overall wellbeing by reducing both physical and mental clutter, bringing more structure and organisation into one’s life. Encouraging the user to live a more meaningful life with less. Prompting positive change to their consumption behaviour and purchasing habits, ultimately creating a positive impact to our planet.

Mindful provides the following benefits to its users:

Multi-functional – mindful has a range of different features carefully considered and placed to allow for easy usability and functionality. Features include clothing, shoe, bed linen, and bath towel storage, three drying racks, two laundry baskets, and a peg board.

Flatpack – quick and easy assembly and dismantling process without the need of fasteners and additional tools. As well, easier to carry and manoeuvre into an apartment block and vehicle.

Customizability – mindful can be created in a range of different colours so it can fit a variety of interiors. Personal colour customization to differentiate between you and your partners side.

Compact – efficient use of floor space. Especially practical for in a smaller space.

Sustainability was a big factor in the creation of this product. Chosen materials, production processes and post-consumer life being carefully considered to limit environmental damage where possible. After material research I decided to use Replas (industrial recycled plastic – Post-consumer plastic sheeting created from recycled bottles and caps), Focus sound proof panelling (100% polyester fibre with a minimum of 45%-60% recycled plastic - PET plastic), and Birch plywood, by using these less unsustainable materials which can be recycled the product can be completely taken apart to allow for the cleanest recycling possible. These materials enabled me to keep the environmental footprint of mindful as small as possible while still providing a sturdy structure.