Yunjae Kim Step-N-Sit

  • Tauira / Student
    Yunjae Kim
  • Kaiako / Lecturer
    Anke Nienhuis

Step-N-Sit is an innovative mobility solution specifically designed to address the needs of individuals requiring assistance with mobility outside of clinical environments. Unlike traditional mobility aids that primarily focus on walking assistance, Step-N-Sit introduces unique features providing additional support during stationary periods. Although there are available options in the market for walking canes that can transform into chairs, the availability of similarly tailored options for crutches is limited.

The primary objective of Step-N-Sit is to enhance user comfort during resting periods, eliminating the need to search for suitable seating and leaning options. The design incorporates prominent handles and buttons, clearly marked in a contrasting colour for easy visual identification. The transformation process has been streamlined to ensure simplicity, integrating single-action features throughout the product. By utilizing a guide rail mechanism, the lower arm pads rotate to form a seat, while the upper arm pads extend and flip out to create a backrest with a simple press of a button. The hinge cover of the tripod leg, along with an overlapping handle, allows for convenient simultaneous pulling and exposed hinges fold into a tripod shape when the crutch is placed on the ground.

In addition to its functional benefits, Step-N-Sit places a strong emphasis on sustainability. Each component of the crutch is manufactured using biodegradable and recyclable materials, ensuring an environmentally friendly solution without compromising durability. Comfort is further enhanced through the use of cork pads, providing users with a pleasant and ergonomic experience. The crutch body is reinforced with a composite material consisting of bio-epoxy reinforced flax fibre composite, offering robustness comparable to automotive-grade standards. Anodized magnesium alloy is employed to give the crutch a sleek, brushed appearance while reducing its overall weight. Additionally, the handles and buttons are crafted from biopolymer plastic, providing a soft-touch interface for users.

Step-N-Sit presents itself as a versatile mobility aid catering to the diverse needs of individuals seeking enhanced mobility assistance outside of clinical settings. Its user-friendly design, combined with sustainable and durable materials, ensures a reliable and comfortable experience for users.