Vajk Peter Solium

  • Tauira / Student
    Vajk Peter
  • Kaiako / Lecturer
    Stephen Reay

Imagine ageing. One day, you step out of a hot shower, and find the steam and your elevated blood pressure disorient you. You lose balance and fall. Falls are the most common cause of injury for older adults and cost Aotearoa $1.1B annually.

User research into the bathroom experiences of older adults identified a need for products that support people during their later years, with dignity and comfort. Rather than a disability device, Solium is a gracious statement. Solium offers a place to pause during difficult transfers, especially to and from the shower. It allows users to stop and rest in style. Research shows that when older adults are confident in their physical abilities, they have better experiences. Solium increases emotional confidence, allowing users to remain independent and free of judgement.

Current accessible bathroom chair products mostly consist of hospital-style transfer seats or hard, angular benches where a fall can easily escalate into a life-threatening situation. In contrast, Solium is soft and rounded, with a gentle organic shape that invites a user to pause with comfort. While Solium follows similar proportions to a domestic chair, it utilises the full height for the seat. Changing a conventional sitting position into a ‘lean’ means that standing up after use is easy. The seat has come up to you, so you don’t have to go down to it, making it safer in this hard environment. Solium’s intriguing shape follows simple geometry to better support a user. Simply, it is a functional and elegant bathroom piece.

Solium is manufactured from sturdy recycled PET ensuring long-term stability in a wet environment. The soft synthetic finish is waterproof to create a comfortable pause, while the rubber material offers plenty of grip.

Solium creates elegance and class while putting you back on your feet.