Mark Rous SADDLE

  • Tauira / Student
    Mark Rous
  • Kaiako / Lecturers
    Jyoti Kalyanji, Daniel Collings

With increasing concern over natural and unnatural air pollutants, SADDLE aims to provide a modular, unobtrusive and efficient filtration and furniture system to control and prevent these pollutants from entering our airways while creating a comfortable and relaxing environment for users.

SADDLE's aesthetic qualities and visual appearance encourage users to sit and relax, while the air-purifying qualities are functional yet subdued in appearance. To achieve this SADDLE utilizes empty space within the furniture to conceal an air purifier system increasing the reach of the technology and enhancing potential health benefits.

SADDLE's modular design includes a range of components allowing customers to arrange and adapt the furniture to their needs. While all components can be linked into the system, they do not all contain the core purifying system, reducing the cost of the system as a whole, and allowing the purifying function to be scaled as needed. A single SADDLE purifier unit is capable of servicing a room of 22-38 square meters, while additional back segments can be hollow units for air to be drawn through.

The purifying system begins with a pre-filter, made of scoured Strong Wool, which absorbs VOCs and traps large hair, dust, and pollen particles. Air then passes through a commercial HEPA filter, capturing fine micron particulates. Activated carbon filters then capture odours before releasing air back into the surrounding area.

SADDLE's use of Aotearoa-produced strong wool is particularly beneficial for those with allergies, respiratory concerns, and aids with COVID mitigation. Utilising strong wool within the upholstery components, SADDLE employs other unique benefits of wool to create furniture that is naturally fire-resistant, durable, environmentally friendly, and comfortable.

SADDLE is directly aimed at enhancing public spaces, offices, waiting rooms, hospitals, malls, schools and other areas where high-density activity occurs. Additionally, SADDLE offers the flexibility to adapt into a range of household furniture suitable for apartments, townhouses, hotels, and other settings where airflow may be restricted.

Overall, SADDLE is an efficient and unobtrusive solution to improve air quality in areas where we congregate and spend time with others, creating a comfortable and safe environment for all.