Paul Brink Revelio

  • Tauira / Student
    Paul Brink
  • Kaiako / Lecturer
    Stephen Reay

Assistive products designed for disabled people are often clinical and undignified. For those who must use these products, their experiences can negatively impact their social life and mental health. Consequently, many are insecure about using assistive products in their bathrooms. Assistive products designed without empathy for their users can also make able-bodied people in shared situations feel uncomfortable or awkward when they encounter them. To create a welcoming environment and promote inclusivity, I wanted to design an assistive product that could be used by all ages and abilities — one that is gracious and discrete. Rather than creating something new, I wanted to build a solution from an existing product, to avoid further unnecessary stigmatisation of an underserved user group.

Inspired by the simple reveal of the contents of a drawer in a bathroom vanity, Revelio is discretely revealed through a simple a ‘push & pull’. Revelio supports people with mobility issues and provides a dignified, welcoming experience. Revelio is designed to minimise social barriers to accessibility and make all people feel comfortable and supported.