Claudia Rist, Juli La Kynette - Wellbeing Network and Temperature Monitor System

  • Tauira / Students
    Claudia Rist, Juli La
  • Kaiako / Lecturers
    Kei Hoshi, Anke Nienhuis

Kynette - Wellbeing Network and Temperature Monitor System:
As modern-day society and technology evolve, the time spent cherishing the moments and loved ones around us is diminishing. Humans thrive on relationships and affection. Especially in these worrying times, we are more concerned about the wellbeing of our loved ones. We want people to make the most of their lives and who matters most to them. Research shows that many middle-aged people experience more stress due to concern about their children and ageing parents.
Kynette is a product system that aims to provide peace of mind for families and security possibilities during times where physical interactions aren't possible with at-risk loved ones, whether it is their wellbeing or health. Kynette is an "internet of things" system. It consists of
two main products that interact with one another and detect changes in temperature of the users in their household. The Sensor Pot can detect unusual patterns using sensory technology (including thermal radar detection and WiFi radar) within the pot plant and
targetting time spent in a room and unusual temperatures regarding your body's typical
averages alongside any particularly concerning locations of the body such as chest or head for abnormalities in health.
The information gathered is then recorded on the app and sent to family, friends, or even medical professionals. When detecting anything the system registers as concerning, it can send a ping to any registered contacts to check in on their loved ones. An emergency feature can contact emergency services.
This relates to our issue as it allows concerned families to non-invasively monitor their loved ones wellbeing by using the WiFi radar; it subtly keeps track of the user's general lifestyle habits. This shows them the amount of time spent around the house and can pick up
abnormalities in their day to day life.
Something important to us was ensuring that there was value created for all users involved.
We did this by introducing plants into the system as part of the sensors through the pots. By incorporating plants into the sensors, not only are users going to have a more customisable and unique design, but they will also have a constant reminder to think of their loved ones
and check in on each other. By encouraging users to look after plants, we are also encouraging them to look after their family.
Our final product consists of an interactive home base (Kynnect Unit) which acts as a central. home server for the sensors and a charging dock for the battery spheres. It has internal slots where the spheres are magnetically attached and charged. Along with this feature, the Kynnect Unit doubles as a nightlight. The Kynnect Unit also can be verbally interacted with.
The system includes 5 Sensor Pots and the Kynnect Homebase Unit. They all feature an enriching contrast of wood against ceramic clay and frosted acrylic. This contrast and the seamless curve inspired by the relationship of Yin-Yang creates a unique and calming