Eden Doull Impact Airbag

  • Tauira / Student
    Eden Doull
  • Kaiako / Lecturers
    Luke Feast, Kei Hoshi

The Impact airbag is a compact, discreet helmet attachment that will trigger inflation using gyroscopic and accelerometer sensors, which will detect abnormal head movement in the event of a fall. The impact airbag has been designed to be a subtle addition to the helmet, providing an additional option to the already existing hit-air vest, which riders that specialise in show jumping and dressage tend to avoid due to the stand-out aesthetic of the air vest.

I wanted to create a product that minimises the impact of whiplash and reduces the abrupt movement of the neck in the event of a fall. The airbag attachments are detachable, so in the scenario where an event rider was to use the Impact airbag, they may want to use the Impact airbag in the dressage and show jumping phases and swap it out for the air vest in the cross-country phase.

Presentation and turnout are something that most riders are currently prioritising above their safety. A rider would rather ride without an air vest to look the part than have the safety blanket of an air vest to cushion their fall. The Impact airbag is discreet and won't affect the riders presentation, yet is protecting the vulnerable nape of the neck in the event of a fall.

Once the sensors in the airbag react, this will puncture the gas canister causing the airbag to pop out of the casing and inflate in 0.1 seconds, supporting the neck in all ranges of movements. Once the air has deflated, the airbag can be rolled up into its pocket attachment and the replace the gas canister, then the Impact airbag is ready to inflate again.