Jennifer Susanto Cozygo

  • Tauira / Student
    Jennifer Susanto
  • Kaiako / Lecturers
    Jyoti Kalyanji, Daniel Collings

Transporting pets can be a daunting experience for both animals and their human companions. The sudden disruption of routines and environments often leads to stress and anxiety, making it challenging to transport pets comfortably and efficiently. To address this issue, Cozygo was designed as a pet carrier and kennel that minimises pet travel anxiety by creating a familiar and cosy environment using soft, sustainably sourced Aotearoa-bred strong wool.

Cozygo harnesses the natural properties of wool, including sound absorption, insulation, and antibacterial qualities, to create a calming space that helps animals feel secure and at ease during travel. After reaching their destination, Cozygo Pet Carriers can be effortlessly flipped, transforming into a comfortable kennel. This design feature promotes familiarity between the pet and the product, enabling animals to engage in territorial rituals and further enhancing their comfort and acceptance of the carrier.

This project engages with the current expansion of New Zealand's strong wool sector and addresses the approximately 33 million tons of wool wasted annually. Cozygo aims to restore the value of wool by targeting a substantial market - pet products. By utilising the inherent properties of wool, this carrier/kennel celebrates the abundant resources available, effectively addressing a common issue with sustainable and readily available materials.

Currently, most pet carriers in the market are made of plastic, with limited options and high prices. Cozygo offers customisable colours to complement the aesthetics of any living space and combines the functionality of a pet transit carrier and a home kennel into a modern, stylish, pet-friendly design. The use of strong wool and softer materials invites animals to play, sleep, and relax within the carrier, while also providing owners with space and cost-saving benefits.

Cozygo embodies the future of adaptive design, as each wool panel can be easily cleaned, replaced, and recycled, effectively reducing material waste compared to standard plastic pet carriers. The wool panels also biodegrade within three to four months when exposed to moist soil, serving as a natural fertiliser.

In addition to its benefits for pets, strong wool contributes to indoor environments by acting as a natural air filter and carbon dioxide absorber. For pets residing in compact city apartments the air-purifying capabilities, multifunctionality, and insulation provided by Cozygo promote the overall well-being of both pets and humans.