Oscar Zhong AirJust.

  • Tauira / Student
    Oscar Zhong
  • Kaiako / Lecturers
    Anke Nienhuis, Kate Weatherly, Stephen Reay, David White

AirJust, adjusting the air you breathe. The world’s most effective antiviral wearable device. Developed by the AUT BioDesign Lab. This device can enhance the release and production of nitric oxide in the nasal cavities, a potent antiviral gas that also benefits the cardiopulmonary system.
The technology of AirJust can generate the desired amounts of Nitric Oxide in a 15-minute cycle, which then the device will automatically switch off. Using AirJust twice a day can serve many health benefits; such as stress relief and preventing seasonal flu. AirJust is also a superior alternative to face masks, use it within an hour after possible contact with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) can disinfect your airways. It provides true protection to the wearer, actively killing airborne viruses.

Product Highlights:
• AirJust will comfortably and securely fit the majority of the demographic, by adjusting the cable length and changing the size of the silicone inserts.
• The design of AirJust is symmetrical, meaning the users can wear it without worrying about differentiating left and right.
• Switch on the device by squeezing the pressure-sensitive switch located on both nose pieces. The device will automatically switch off after 15 minutes.
• The cable tightener attaches to the back of the case using magnets, enabling a snap and go action for fast cable management.

Project Description:
Working for a real client has given me extra constraints, making this a very realistic project. AirJust is a new wearable concept that requires inserting a device into the nostrils. This was why I spent the bulk of this project on developing the fundamentals for this device. The usability, and the user experience. The design decisions were made from hands-on experiments and user testing, a user-centric approach to evolve the design with the users. The outcome from this journey is a simple, versatile product that can comfortably, and securely fit the majority of the demographics. The user experience is streamlined, with design elements that prompt the user to navigate this device quickly and efficiently.

The development of usability for the AirJust had laid a strong foundation to begin the aesthetic design. The human face is a socially sensitive region, most of us have never inserted a device into our nose before. This is why aesthetic design is the key to project a friendly, non-medical aesthetic. To reduce the stigma of using a medical device. The human face has many complex surfaces, but there are repeating round elements. This inspired the design to consist of only round shapes, making the design of AirJust minimal and naturally fitting on the face. The pastel colours gave the device some excitement but not too eye-catching. The overall experience resembles a tech gadget more than a medical device. Making AirJust acceptable to a wider range of users, giving it a better chance of success for this innovation to thrive.