Andrew Roberts Anamnesis Furniture

  • Tauira / Student
    Andrew Roberts
  • Kaitautoko / Contributors
    Jacob Hawkins, Taryn Hopkins
  • Kaiako / Lecturer
    Tim Miller
  • School
    Victoria University of Wellington, School of Design

When thinking of a moment in our lives, we often think of the emotions and conditions of that particular moment in time. We may feel the highest levels of joy on the most atrocious days or we may overcome great barriers on the brightest of days. Anamnesis Furniture captures the one element of history that is always present, no matter what the circumstance: weather. Anamnesis Furniture takes the strategies of parametric design a step further than what is expected of them. Inspired by architect and designer Greg Lynn, Anamnesis Furniture has cultivated a parametric system that pedestals memory and history as a defining variable through its utilization of the physical conditions of memory. The system uses them to abstract parametric furniture form in a beautiful yet bastardized way. Using historical meteorological data to determine the parameters of physics simulations in combination with additive manufacturing, a library of deformed furniture items arise through a collection of honest data sets, thus creating an entirely new piece of furniture art every single time a new data set (completely unique to the client) is entered.

While Wind speed and direction is the main variable that determines the form, precipitation data and temperature data also allow for a form that is put through the engine of mother nature. Through this abstraction of historical weather data, users are able to create a piece of furniture that is cultivated entirely from a single event or period in their history. Applications of the system have been used for events such as wedding days and the remembrance of natural disasters, but the future possibilities excite the thought of what can be exhibited.

Accompanied by the art forms is an engraved QR digital link that allows for a library of digital archives, whether that be image, text or video, to be accessible to those who interact with the artefacts. This allows for a secondary explanation of the pieces and their narrative.

Anamnesis makes full use of VFX software 'Houdini' to interpret real historical weather data as parameters for physics simulations. Additionally, the generative capabilities of 'Rhino' and 'Grasshopper' are used to create beautiful pattern abstractions of the temperature and precipitation data values. Anamnesis Furniture also uses paper 3D printing to create negative molds for concrete to be poured into, thus creating powerful material paradoxes that exceed past techniques, which often use arduous hand modelling for similar results. These paper molds are fully recyclable and can be used for future molds as well.

Anamnesis Furniture successfully publicizes high end art forms that promote client ownership. Through its highly unique fabrication and modelling techniques, clients are able to access an intrinsic artefact that oozes narrative.