Think Packaging 14 Marx Design 60 Animals Like Us. Welcome to the Pack

  • Ringatoi Matua / Design Directors
    Blair McGowan, Mat Bogust
  • Kaitautoko / Contributors
    Michael Barron, Hannah Jensen, Rachel Dredge, Rob Achten, Ryan Marx
Judge's comments:

It surprised and made them laugh all through clever design. Sometimes that’s all you need to do!


With a concept of “Welcome to the Pack” to work with; we re-imagined the bog-standard mailer for the Animals Like Us (ALU) postal box.

The pack needed to communicate the ALU attitude of joyful fun and spark real engagement with passionate dog lovers from their doorstep to social media. We developed this into a goofy ALU dog character as a 3D fold-out pack that could double as a feed station, dog box, or even a canine sunbed. While functioning as a safe and robust package for the product inside, when opened it transforms; with a dog ear-shaped tear-strip and cute pop-out paws, the pup comes to life as if it was playing with the product.

The box generated a huge amount of engagement and buzz for ALU with their customers and on social media, with an adorable amount of doggie unboxing moments and cute canine content. The “Welcome to the Pack” creation helped extend the ALU brand identity and increase their perception as true innovators in the pet food game.