Syrp 8 Battery Bank

  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Member
    Everyone at Syrp


As cameras get smaller and users shift from traditional video cameras to DSLR and Mirrorless systems, battery life becomes incompatible with filmmaking.
There was a need for a more universal battery solution for all camera types as well as film making tools.

// Approach

The Battery Bank was designed from the ground up for the filmmaker. It is a collaboration between designers, developers and engineers working alongside filmmakers to produce the best solution to the obstacle’s creatives face in realising their visions. A merging of technology and design. The result of talking, experimenting, testing, failing, and learning.

// Result

We're giving power back to the filmmaker with our first ever hot-swappable power bank, designed for use on set. With dual slots for our high-capacity batteries, the Battery Bank can keep the production running for hours or days on end without having to stop to charge.

The Battery Bank is the ultimate backup for the production process. Filmmakers can scout, shoot, edit and share without having to slow down. And when they’re back to base, they can charge our batteries twice as fast as charging them in the Genie.

When you don’t have time to stop and can't afford to miss the shot, the Battery Bank has your back.