Fisher & Paykel Healthcare - Infant Care 5 Optiflow Junior

  • Ringatoi Matua / Design Director
    (Fisher & Paykel Healthcare)
  • Client
    Fisher & Paykel Healthcare
Judge's comments:

The Optiflow Junior is an exceptional piece of design work that demonstrates the power of a high-level, human-centred approach to design underpinned by significant ‘upfront’ research, design insights and technical development work. The judges were highly impressed with all aspects of the product from the deceptive simplicity of the overall design, the appropriateness of the aesthetics and form, the technical resolution, and the innovative manufacturing approach. Most importantly this is a product that demonstrates leadership in the field, and revolutionizes the care of seriously ill infants, and improves the experiences of the patient, medical staff, and the parent or caregivers, as well as improving medical outcomes. Fisher and Paykel Healthcare should be highly commended for their design leadership here