Blender 26 Sitemate Temporary Power Distribution Units

  • Ringatoi Matua / Design Directors
    Peter Dreyer, Oliver McDermott
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Haydn Jack, Greg Storey
  • Client
    Sitemate Power Systems

The Sitemate family of units feature 3 sizes which cater for temporary power reticulation in the construction industry and indoor/outdoor events. Each unit can have various combinations of socket outlets to suit site requirements. These units can also be inter-connected in a variety of formats to suit any worksite.

Designed for all outdoor conditions, they are able to withstand sun, wind and rain with the watertight body and recessed design. The robust impact resistant enclosure holds up against heavy use and transportation. The units are fully stackable for ease of transport and storage and have dual ergonomic handles to make them easy to carry.

As with anything electrical, safety is an essential consideration in the design. The Sitemate power distribution units are an all-in-one molded body, which ensures that they are sealed against water and dirt. The mounting plate design inside the unit allows the industrial sockets to be replaced or maintained without opening the lid of the unit - this reduces the risk to the integrity of the seal and the safety of the unit. All units are also equipped with RCDs for added safety. Other features have been designed based on industry feedback, such as a stable footprint that minimises the risk of units toppling over, feet that can be anchored for added security and provide 85mm ground clearance to avoid surface water or spills.

Specially bonded polyethylene, which is rotationally moulded, was selected for its robustness and quality. This material achieves the level of quality required at a comparatively lower price point to competitors.