Blender 26 Fastmount Stratlock Rail System

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Directors
    Ben Thomsen, Gregg Kelly
  • Ringatoi Matua / Design Director
    Evan Thomas
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Tiger Guo, Greg Storey
  • Client

The Fastmount Stratlock® Rail System is an aluminium rail and connector system for building interior ceiling and wall framework onto uneven substrates, in order to precisely attach interior panelling with Fastmount’s Stratlock Range of hidden panel fasteners.

The framework comprises a single aluminium extrusion profile and three modular joining connectors which enable a wall connection, wall to ceiling, or corner connection. Female clips install into the extrusion with 8mm of adjustability built into them, allowing for the decorative panel/male clip to be precisely positioned before being locked into place. Uneven panels can be adjusted by simply disengaging the clip, realigning, and locking back into place.

The Stratlock Rail System enables a seamless and hassle-free solution to lining a structural interior with perfectly spaced decorative panels in a variety of scenarios. It standardises otherwise irregular methods of framing up and mounting decorative interior panels across differing industries.

-Low-profile and lightweight making it a flexible option across a wide range of industries.

- Makes an uneven or un-level wall or ceiling perfectly straight and level.

- Easy to install with minimal tools: Components intuitively fit together with the joining connectors sliding onto the rail and are fully adjustable for correct positioning at any angle.

- Aluminium extrusions absorb zero moisture compared to wood substrates, making them perfect for use in clean rooms or hospital fit-outs.

- Superior fire rating compared to wood substrates.

- Ultra-light substrate construction (500gm/m) for safe and easy transportation and easy installation.

- Reliable and repeatable - entire substrate can be CAD designed and pre-built precisely prior to installation, speeding up the construction process and reducing the margin of error.

- Limitless construction possibilities: With any combination of the framework components, any size and angle of wall or ceiling is possible.

- Reuseable system: Once installed, any maintenance or removal of panels (for access to services or to recover the panel in a refit scenario) requires no replacement of fasteners or adhesives to fix panels back into place, reducing construction waste.