South Drawn 4 Globus Collection

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Directors
    Luke Mills, Christian Mills
  • Kaitautoko / Contributor
    Pete Kennon
  • Client
    Joey Scandizzo Salon

The Globus Collection was born from the opportunity to design and execute a lighting collection that straddled the line between an organically artistic element and a structurally functional pendant. The piece was designed to complement the newly renovated Joey Scandizzo flagship salon. The high ceilings and curved arches of the newly renovated 1890s Victorian Italianate building were kept in mind as we began to sketch ethereal objects with a delicate appearance of floating in space.
The piece is made up of a series of buoyant, luminous objects that, in their creation, require hands-on techniques to manipulate and form. In order to create a sense of ‘floating in space’, each pendulous object is hung from an elegant brass arm, which has been rolled, bent, and arranged to build an organic structure.
From beginning to end, the creative development of the piece called for a certain level of trust in the design process. By handcrafting each object, the pieces take shape organically — resulting in a family of unique forms. The sophisticated materials and finishes combine to produce a gentle light defused by layers of mesh, adding energy to the space without dominating or appearing too ornate.