Città 13 AB Table Lamp

  • Ringatoi Matua / Design Director
    Alex Buckman
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    David Moreland, Nikolai Sorensen
  • Client

The AB table lamp is the result of a collaboration between product designer Alex Buckman and Città’s 3D design team, David Moreland and Nikolai Sorensen.

The design consists of an organic glass form nestled softly into a marble base. This limited material palette creates a clean and timeless aesthetic, which sat at the heart of the brief for this product.

We wanted to pair the frosted glass shade with a solid and sturdy material, so the lamp felt well-grounded. For this reason, we considered a range of stones and grains to best complement the glass. The stone also reinforces the use of high-quality materials throughout the lamp.

The natural qualities of stone and glass were also key elements in developing the user experience—we wanted something akin to feeling relaxed and calm around a campfire. The LED light source is set low into the stone base creating a warm, diffused light. This is a nod to our natural human tendencies to seek warmth and comfort.

The AB table lamp produces ample light to read a book next too while the dimmable function allows for a perfect opportunity to create an intimate and ambient space.