Tim Webber Design 9 Trace Table

  • Ringatoi Matua / Design Director
    Tim Webber


The Trace Table is the result of an exploration to create a clean, elegant and highly detailed product from what is traditionally an aesthetically heavy material – solid timber.

With inspiration drawn from cantilevered architectural buildings by Italian designer Giuseppe Pettazzi, the Trace Table features an elegant, sweeping, angular table top and leg design made from Walnut or Oak.

Often solid timber furniture is thick and chunky with a heavy aesthetic, whereas the Trace Table has been designed to uniquely exemplify the beauty and versatility of the timber in a light and elegant way.

The Trace Table was designed to endure for many years to come, to be passed from generation to generation, and to be of such quality that it would encourage lengthy stays at the family dinner table, building connection and creating memories.

The Trace Table wonderfully demonstrates and celebrates highly skilled New Zealand craftsmanship, with detailing and finishing that would see it effortlessly sit alongside high-end international products.