Tim Rundle Studio 2 RF 100 Bed System

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Director
    Tim Rundle
  • Kaitautoko / Contributors
    Kasper Simonsen, Matti Andersson, Claus Molgaard
  • Client
    ReFramed ApS

The RF-100 Bed frame is a modular system designed around considerations for usability, sustainability, logistics and longevity. The assembly of the frame is incredibly simple, and uses componentry from the exhibition stand industry where speed and reliability are paramount. Assembly takes just a couple of minutes, with no loose screws and just one tool.

The frame is made in Denmark from extruded aluminium with a minimum of 75% post consumer recycled content. The aesthetic of the bed is unapologetically contemporary, and somewhat minimal, driven in part by a desire to stay true to its manufacturing processes and to create a visibly legible and intuitive product. The raw finish that appears brushed, for example, is actually achieved by reducing the post processing of the extrusions, thus highlighting the marks of manufacturing and elevating them to a premium finish.

In line with circular economy principles, the bed frame system is designed for durability, repairability, and the use of easily recyclable materials. It is simple to replace parts, and the system allows for swapping the beams to accommodate different mattress sizes. The old parts can be returned for refurbishment and taken back into the supply chain.

Simplifying logistics was a key part of the brief, with the goal making the purchasing and delivery process as easy as ordering a pair of sneakers. To achieve this the frame was designed to pack down to a size suitable for standard courier delivery. As such, the brand is able to offer free shipping across Europe.

Despite being designed primarily for the consumer market it has been tested to the most stringent iso standards. This, along with its rapid assembly and ease of maintenance has also made it a compelling option for commercial projects.

The system includes a growing collection of accessories, currently comprising side tables and headboards that attach to the frame intuitively and with a minimum of assembly required. Future additions currently in development include under-bed storage drawers and upholstered headboard covers that are easily removable and machine washable.

The product was first launched online in June 2021 and shown during a pop-up event in Copenhagen in May 2022.