PLN Group 3 CORE

  • Pou Rautaki / Strategic Lead
    Blair McKolskey
  • Ringatoi Matua / Design Director
    Monique Beasley
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Kyle Greentree, Aaron Beardsworth
  • Kaitautoko / Contributors
    Troy Darrow, Richard Heath, Paul Bondsfield, Mia Boot
  • Client

At work or at home, the round table is a place for equals.

IN THE OFFICE, true collaboration won’t work with a hierarchy, but requires a collection of equal minds coming together to think, discuss, listen, and solve.

AT HOME, gathering around a circular table means everyone is in sight of everyone else and so free-flowing communication (and victuals) is enabled.

PLN Group’s CORE™ is a table and ottoman collection designed to enable communication and collaboration, whether planned or spontaneous. Its biophilic design works equally well in the workplace or at home and colours and fabrics have been chosen to suit either space.

It’s an exploration of a simple natural form coupled with clever engineering, and straightforward usability. From the concept of the core [core of our being, core beliefs, innermost core… apple core] grows a large, round, bisected collaboration space. It features beautifully finished details and ottoman Pips designed to gently persuade each sitter towards the others around the table.

Its generously proportioned and beautiful curves are supported by a solid tree-like base that when not used, hugs the ottoman Pips to it, like the seeds in fruit. The use of bold patterned fabrics on the base offers a subtle splash of colour in your space – but one that doesn’t shout for attention.

The hemispheres of the CORE™ table’s top are beautifully crafted and invite curious fingers and hands to explore, to touch and feel. There’s a surprise in store for fingers seeking texture underneath too.

The metal leaves at the table’s core are more than just a satisfying, smooth swivel (you WILL be playing with these more than is absolutely necessary). Hidden beneath is a useful recess, ideal to hide away items that might otherwise clutter the wide expanse of table surface – or can even contain a handy power port to keep your devices running as you work.

The characterful ottoman Pips have been designed to match seamlessly with the table and their slightly pitched seat will angle sitters in towards the conversation. Elbows ON the table please.

Manufactured with a solid wood frame to create that sturdy base and treated to layers of acoustic material, this table, when not in use, will help towards deadening extraneous sound in your space. The table’s two half tops are made from high grade FSC ply – a sustainable choice, but one that also offers beauty and strength.

The resulting table and ottoman set is both playful, eminently usable, naturalistic and flexible, whispering loudly for attention in your space.