Harrows 7 Hedgerow

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Director
    Mark Suckling
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Member
    Glenn Chittock

The Opportunity
As the emerging need for more agile interior spaces grows, the need for dividing elements to manage flow, create private spaces and provide acoustic benefit has increased. Solid room dividers do define boundaries but the need for a creative product that provides flexibility in layout while preserving a welcoming atmosphere gave rise to Hedgerow.

The Inspiration
Hedgerow was inspired by the hedges and shelterbelts of the Canterbury plains. Originally a treeless grassland, these shelterbelts were planted by early settlers to provide relief from the wind and preserve moisture, and they still form a distinctive element of the New Zealand agrarian landscape.
Replicating the prominent linear forms of shelterbelts with their rugged beauty and everchanging play on light into an interior setting became the Brief for Hedgerow.

The Solution
Hedgerow is available in 3 standard colour ways and bases are stained in colour of choice. The option of LED lighting in the base has soft wired connections to allow for continuous runs to be connected.
They are an incredibly simple design that create an optical and acoustic division while preserving a welcoming atmosphere of a natural landscape.