Formway 8 Lightly

  • Ringatoi Matua / Design Directors
    Paul Wilkinson, Kent Parker
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Chris Bisman, Josh Bruderer
  • Client
Judge's comments:

Lightly is cleverly light on weight yet certainly not on comfort. The judges agreed the timeless and understated form combined with meticulous product engineering achieved a surprisingly light chair design yet maintain a lovely and inviting user experience. Lightly's ability to high density stack for reduced shipping or storage volumes was highly praised as well as its commitment to explore alternate plant-based polymers and recycled content.


Introducing Lightly.

Lightly is a beautiful, comfortable chair designed to enrich our increasingly multifunctional spaces. Lightly is super lightweight making it a joy to move from activity to activity and space to space. Light weight and efficient stacking mean Lightly can be easily stored, ready for its next outing. Lightly uses the minimal amount of material to deliver an incredibly strong and durable chair with the lightest touch on the environment .

The Lightest look.

It was essential for Lightly to have a unique character, but still sit quietly within a room. Lightlys minimal frame helps small spaces feel spacious, yet its generous stance and back shape create a unique personality. The result is a pure and simple form with visual character that is defined by its function. To accommodate a variety of interiors, Lightly is available in five colours and an upholstered seat made from NZ wool.

Lightly is the perfect chair for every day.

Homes have become increasingly multifunctional. To support all the things we do furniture needs to be agile and nimble. Lightly weighs just 2.6kg, making it easy to move in, out and around a space. Lightly perfectly supports the varying activities we undertake and is easily moved from one occasion to the next.

A stack of 10 Lightlys is under 1m high making it easy to store away ready for those occasions when extra chairs are needed.

Lightly is designed to fit how we sit.

Lightlys comfort was developed from our understanding of the postures we take during the multitude of activities we do. Rounds of prototyping and user trialing refined Lightlys unparalleled multi-posture support.

The contoured back wraps, supports and subtly flexes to enhance comfort and provides an idling action which is good for mental focus and wellbeing. The seat has a deep ischial pocket and 270 degree waterfall edge which minimises pressure build up and makes every posture comfortable. The optional seat cushion adds warmth, texture and comfort for extended use.

The lightest touch.

Lightly is designed to have the lightest environmental impact possible and the strength to last a lifetime. This is achieved by using plant-based and recycled materials, using these materials only where they are needed, and designing the chair to exceed the world’s highest commercial safety and durability standards.

Lightly is made from both renewably sourced and recycled material. 73.5% of Lightlys weight comes from a plant-based polymer; grown from the CO2 absorbent castor bean plant. The seat makes up the balance, made from post-consumer recycled plastic.

Lightly is proudly manufactured in Aotearoa, making use of 80% renewable energy and adhering to our high environmental protection standards.

Efficient stacking makes Lightly perfect to ship with 1710 chairs fitting in a single container. The chairs can then be repacked into lightweight, easy to handle customer orders for cost effective domestic shipping.