Crestline Furniture Systems 2 Designwell 16 Bud Laptop Table

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Director
    Alexander Wastney
  • Pou Rautaki / Strategic Lead
    Ryan Renton
  • Kaitautoko / Contributor
    Richard Renton

As a local New Zealand commercial furniture company, Crestline identified the need for a simple side table to act as a “side-kick” to accompany a range of settings within flexible workspaces. Feedback from the commercial interiors industry required a customisable side table available on a short lead time to fit with any interior scheme, that could fit into a diverse range of sectors, including workplace, hospitality, education and civic spaces. Functionally, it had to be easily manoeuvred over a user's lap, comfortably used for light laptop work, and sturdy enough for public use.

Concept design
The future of work is inevitably more flexible, meaning workplaces need to provide quality, adaptable spaces for employees to work where and when they can do their best work. The beauty of the Bud side table is that it can transform any soft seating setting into a breakout workpoint by providing an ergonomic surface to work from. The inspiration for Bud came from observing native Kahikatea trees and the way they shed their lower branches to produce long, straight trunks and beautiful buttress roots that stem and support the tree. The Bud base is made from one tube that splits into three in an efficient and playful way. Often it’s the careful consideration of the unsung objects in our life that bring a smile or create a moment of joy for the user.

Fit for purpose
Bud tables are ideal for perching a cup of coffee, a laptop, or as a handy writing surface. The design features a slim foot design that allows it to slip under furniture easily, and the intentionally off-centred stem allows the user to position the Bud as close as possible to ensure a comfortable posture when working.

The size, shape and form of the Bud side table is intentionally driven by its function and ease of manufacture. For it to be successfully and consistently specified by interior designers, we knew it had to aesthetically compliment a range of furniture and interior settings with its ability to easily adapt (by colour and finish), and its simple and timeless personality. The interesting and subtle split tri-leg design gives the Bud a touch of distinction and uniqueness without screaming “look at me”. It’s this humbleness that we wanted in order for it to perform as a team player across any setting.

Manufactured in New Zealand, Bud tables are made using an innovative method developed by Crestline. This proprietary process utilises specialised tools to split and bend the tube consistently and to a high standard. The tables are made of steel, making them 100% recyclable and with lower embodied carbon than aluminium. Local manufacturing ensures strict quality control and enables customization to suit different fitouts.

Being a locally designed and manufactured product, the Bud table supports the development of design and manufacturing skills in New Zealand. Inspired by Kahikatea trees, the Bud table brings a biophilic design element to workspaces, fostering a sense of connection and belonging.