Città 12 Acre Chair

Furniture 2021 Credits
  • Design Director
    Michael Young
  • Team Members
    David Moreland, Nikolai Sorensen, Ben McCarthy, Alex Nacrour
  • Client

The Acre chair is a collaboration between Città and Hong Kong-based industrial designer, Michael Young. Michael describes the design as a “quirky classic” with an emphasis on quality ergonomics.

The eco-plastic considers the chair’s environmental impact by using a low-carbon material derived from renewable sources. Straw fibre makes up 30% of the composition and gives the chair a subtle speckled finish. Alternatively, the wooden shell is made from three-dimensionally formed plywood, which is incredibly complex to produce with only a handful of production opportunities available globally.

The versatile product has a true and timeless form, allowing it to sit within a range of commercial and residential spaces. The chairs have been rigorously tested and, despite their visually light aesthetic, they are virtually indestructible—the chair will live with you for years to come.