Blender 26 Aspect Furniture Sector 2

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Director
    Ashley Simmons
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Alistair Patterson, Oliver McDermott, Ian Milligan
  • Kaitautoko / Contributor
    Roy Campion
  • Client
    Aspect Furniture

Sector 2 is an adaptable table system that is defined by workplace freedom, large-span surfaces, and flexible configurations. The simple kit-of-parts enables the sub-frame and supporting components to span greater distances while providing uncompromised stability and structural integrity for people at work.

Sector 2 sets a new benchmark for innovation in product design. It challenges the constraints of traditional table design through its ability to support large spanning tabletops with only 4 leg components. Other table systems have central leg components which often obstruct or limit users. By removing these, we could increase the number of seated positions at the table and maximise freedom of movement around the workpoint.
A balance of design-led thinking and engineering aptitude was able to produce a table top with a superior span that remains structurally sound through its custom subframe profile that also reduces flexing across the assembly.

Key Features:

- Flexible and configurable: The long-span table allows for multiple configurations and flexibility to adapt to any workplace.

Simple and sleek design: Timber legs are positioned seamlessly along the supporting sub-frame rail using a simple clip-in casting. On large-format tables that extend beyond four metres, this feature provides further structural integrity to the sub-frame extrusion and provides a minimalist, modern aesthetic.

- Customisable: Sector 2 can be customised by colour, size, configuration and accessories to suit any workplace requirements.

- Ergonomically designed: The defining feature of flexibility allows users to fully configure this for their workplace with all ergonomic standards considered so that they can carry out work comfortably and safely meeting all occupational health and safety standards

- Adjustable and stable: Intuitive glide at the base of each leg allow for easy height adjustment and levelling to ensure stability and safety of the table.

- Integrated power and data reticulation: Simple 'clip-in' power outlets/GPO, cable/data reticulation channel, and cable tray built into the subframe ensures workspaces are clear of exposed cabling, and offer ultimate connectivity. This clean design ensures function meets form with no visual compromise.

- Made to last: Sector 2 is made from premium grade aluminium and solid, sustainably sourced timber.

- Designed and manufactured in NZ: This creates a positive impact for local industry and the end-user is supplied a premium product quickly and reliably.

Sector 2 was designed with people in mind. Its design aesthetic, form and system of parts promote a sense of connection between people and their workplace. A feeling of connection encourages not only engagement and culture, but also productivity – an essential platform to nurture social interaction.