Campbell Taylor The Ferriss Collection

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Director
    Campbell Taylor

The Ferriss Collection is a personal project gone public as a result of the time afforded during COVID lockdowns. The project began with the simple intention of making a well proportioned ring and expanded with every iteration until a coherent body of work was found.

Designed while studying architecture in New York, the project found a natural parallel in the early architects of the city who were tasked with maximising real estate potential by designing to the outer limits of the planning restrictions of the day. In a similar way, the differing width of each piece in the collection demands a different articulation of its form to preserve a sense of overall balance.

Every ring has been hand-carved to combine an Art Deco elegance with a contemporary appreciation for minimalism and efficiency in form. Finally, they are hand polished to a matte finish allowing the natural colours of the metal to be appreciated.