Voodoo Yachts Voodoo Yachts XF60

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Director
    Dave Pachoud
  • Ringatoi Matua / Design Director
    Dave Pachoud
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Mitch Pachoud, Giuseppe Musca, Blaise Pillot, Jonne Pachoud, Leon Boielle, Paris Halstead, Izzy Saraiva, Roger Hill
  • Kaitautoko / Contributor
    Roger Hill Yacht Design

The Voodoo Xpedition Foiler formed from an appetite to design a yacht with a trifocal scope of capability. The question posed, can a yacht be designed that embodies excellence in speed, efficiency, and luxury, all while minimising the environmental impact?

Our answer equips the modern-day adventurer with an all-encompassing, high-performance 60ft (18m) hydrofoil assisted catamaran capable of traversing oceans with speeds and levels of efficiency never before seen in the performance or luxury yachting industries. The XF60 pioneers a new class of performance vessel, bringing adventures of the oceans to your fingertips.

XF60s achieve top speeds upwards of 45knots. Cruising speeds of 30+ knots whilst consuming only 7L of fuel per nautical mile gives navigational ranges of greater than 1200NM at cruising speed. This range crosses the threshold to true passage-making at high speed, such as New Zealand to Australia or Fiji at 30 knots, as opposed to the traditional 6-8 knots These figures come from an acutely refined and advanced hydrodynamic platform – consisting of an asymmetric planing hull form, assist hydrofoil, driveline and appendages – which significantly increases propulsive efficiency and minimises drag.

Timeless style lines composing the boat’s architecture envelop a wide, luxurious interior saloon space thanks to the wide beam (6.3m) offered from the multi hull platform. Comprehensively equipped for adventure, the Xpedition Foiler’s arrangement and low stance blurs the boundary with the water’s edge, offering virtually seamless connection with local surroundings. The wide beam offered by the multi-hull provides a large saloon space to enjoy open plan festivities. Two seating areas fore and aft blend with the spacious galley and helm, disguising stairwells to the cabin deck amidst. Consciously designing for social entertainment, the forward main lounging area runs adjacent to the near uninterrupted panoramic view from the helm, so that skippers are weaved in with the communal activity of the vessel.
The dining area situates aft in a generous enclosable cockpit area. We aimed to offer a space from which to connect with the surrounding seascape whilst enjoying your dining experience, in any weather. Utilities such as salt ice makers and dive compressors in conjunction with foldaway rod lockers aid in providing exciting ocean experiences for when the time to relax is passed. Direct access to the water is made easy to the owner’s desire with a hydraulic transom platform, which can be utilised for eased launch of the tender or fishing/diving/swimming purposes.

When it comes time to retire to the cabins, the design provides spacious, warm and inviting rooms to comfortably settle within after big days in the blue. We value client involvement throughout the internal design process to assist in formulating their unique home on the water.

The Voodoo XF60 works to open new opportunities for an exciting new ocean lifestyle - facilitating and achieving efficient exploration without being at the expense of a luxurious experience. Fabricated for comfortable ride conditions and on board entertainment, the XF60 fills a particular modern luxury adventure niche in the yachting realm, connecting a design formulated and produced by New Zealanders for the world.