• Pou Auaha / Creative Director
    Peter Robb
  • Ringatoi Matua / Design Director
    Peter Robb

The product is a portable, lightweight, batting unit for use by cricketers of all ages and abilities from junior to first class players. It has been designed for use at home inside or out, at training and for warming up at the game prior to batting.

The revolutionary design and function of the product provides for quality repetition training.
The product offers a unique and engaging opportunity for cricketers globally to develop and fine tune their batting skills and have fun in the process.

The product allows batters to train on their own without the need for bowlers.

The repetitive action and precise ball return allows for an intensity of training not possible with traditional training methods.

The batter syncronises their movements with the moving ball and plays into specific areas of the net or imaginary gaps in the field.
Cricketers can develop and fast track key batting skills, including weight transfer, balance, timing and rhythm 'building confidence' and enjoyment of the game.

Studies show that improved timing leads to increased accuracy, with associated increased motor performance as well as changes in the brains activity patterns related to the movements.