Syrp 8 JOBY Spin and Swing

  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Member
    Everyone at Syrp

Video production is more mobile than ever, with new and experienced users looking for ways to make their content pop! With most entry-level content creators choosing mobile as their camera of choice the accessories to support high-quality production remains limited.

The swing and spin products were designed to bring motion-controlled video production into the hands of mobile content creators.

Talking with users it was clear they needed a lower-cost, simple solution that was digitally connected. The interaction needs to be light and feel like a seamless extension of their mobile device. The hardware needs to support the long-term expansion of the mobile App, allowing the business to future-proof the product range in an evolving world where content creation is mainstream.

These products were some of the first we developed as part of a larger organisation, with different teams spread around the world in 4 different locations. Each team had different expectations and goals they wanted to meet with the project. A large part of our work was managing expectations and maintaining alignment with the vision for the project, balancing the user needs, short-term and long-term business goals, and the technical challenges involved in miniaturising the technology into a friendly package. The product itself only forms a small part of the overall experience for the users, with the app design and development given equal weight in both design and engineering. The design team shifted between physical and digital mediums aligning the design process’s of UX/UI and ID to prototype and test various design solutions through the various stages of the project.

The products that have come to market bring robotic camera control to an entirely new group of filmmakers, allowing them to explore controlled motion as part of their creative process. The swing and spin form part of an expanding ecosystem of products supporting mobile content creators. They are connected to and controlled from a mobile app allowing direct content capture of video, time-lapses and panoramas.

The physical product is a seamless extension of the mobile app, with a playful visual and user experience.