Stabicraft Marine 4 1450 Explorer & Frontier

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Director
    Paul Adams
  • Ringatoi Matua / Design Directors
    Michael Stenton, Daniel Upperton
  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Sam Milne, Craig Johnstone, Tomas Adams, Agata Kaluzna, Mike Whittaker, Doug Jukes

The 1450 is the latest addition to the Stabicraft small boat range. It responds to a rising market trend towards smaller but better equipped open style fishing boats.
It is the smallest Stabicraft hull length offered at 4.4m but what it lacks in length it makes up for in massive capability through innovative use of it's interior spaces.
The 1450 comes in two variants, the Explorer, which is a tiller-steered open boat with bench seating, and the Frontier which is a side console layout with cantilevered helm seating and cable steering.
Both variations are rated to four passengers with extra gear and up to a fifty horsepower outboard.
The main innovation comes in the unique "Broadhead Coaming" feature. Named after the shape of a broadhead arrow, this feature allows for U-Shaped seating in the bow. The maximised width inside the broadhead bow coamings allows for a raised utility platform and load carrying area. The platform makes an excellent casting deck for fishing or an aid for stepping in and out of the boat from the bow.
Another important feature is the free and uncluttered floor. The console is designed to be cantilevered out off the side of the pontoon, as is the seating support structure. This allows the floor to remain completely clear and improves the sense of available space inside the boat.
The floor is higher than it's predecessor, the 1410, and the wider floor brings the occupant's feet closer to the gunnels when fishing and dramatically increases the total floor space area. The 1450 is a comfortable and confidence-inspiring boat to navigate with and when standing inside it's hard to believe it is only 4.4m long.
The side console layout, in combination with the wider floor, makes the boat so easy to move around inside, even with multiple people on board, and the flexible seating options allow passengers to quickly and easily place themselves where their active ballast is best used and most comfortable.

The 1450's are light enough to be handled by one person and are small enough to fit inside a standard single garage.
They offer big-boat capability in an affordable yet durable package. They are a safe & dependable first boat and a fantastic introduction to ongoing Stabicraft ownership.

The 1450's have been enormously successful since their Q1 2020 introduction. Despite being launched during a nationwide lock down with no boat show promotions to support them they have gone on to become our most popular boat built to date.
This popularity is driven by successive improvement over previous models and the boat's ability to offer so much more than is expected of a boat this size.
There is nothing quite like it on the market and the long waiting list of forward orders reflects it's popularity.

The 1450 puts safety and capability into the hands of the customer and presents opportunity for the creation of treasured memories and joyful shared experiences. Our company motto is Adventure with Confidence and the 1450 allows that in spades.