Schneider Electric 5 Pro Series™

  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Xavier Lifran, Tim Turrini-Rochford, Steven Burgess, David Caon

Pro Series is the first range of sockets and switches to bring real innovation to the commercial wiring device market. With a market demand for a quick and easy install as well as robustness, durability, and safety, being the essential physical requirements for an electrical switch and socket range, Pro Series is designed with those key constraints in mind. The bevelled edge, tool removable covers, and integrated labelling on the grid are all first-in-class features and the overall result is a product that stands alone in its segment. Integrating features from our award-winning residential range Iconic such as the locking bar and inline terminals further adds to the innovative and disruptive nature of the product.

This product is designed for commercial buildings such as retail, offices, schools, airports, all kinds of public spaces. Rolling suitcases, trolleys, children playing around, travellers desperately looking to charge their phone, requires the product to be strong and robust. Commercial electrical contractors have pressure to install lots of products in a small amount of time and facility managers want to keep everyone safe and maintain the electrical installation without disruption. Such environments never stop throwing up new challenges and many functionalities are needed to fit in a small volume and at minimum cost.

When dealing with electricity protecting people from harm is paramount. The secured skin can only be removed with a special tool, meaning that exposing live wires is very difficult and prevents unintentional use in public environments. Not having exposed screws like other products in the market also provides an extra level of insulation further reducing the risk of contact with live parts. The rockers are intuitive with a form that flows into the cover when in either the off or on position, providing a clear indication of status. The skin's clean lines are both useful and elegant with bevelled edges that help to deflect impacts and prevent fingers to grip. The integration of the seamless large windows are designed to protect the circuit identification from repetitive cleaning damage. This identification is key for maintenance and being attached to the platform and not on the skin, it avoids an accidental mix-up of covers.

Schneider Electric uses both external and internal testing to ensure our products are tested well in excess of what is required by applicable standards resulting in what we believe are the most robust and reliable products on the market. Often in commercial spaces cheaper and older residential-focused products have been used. This has resulted in products often not fit for purpose in the commercial space. By bringing in Pro Series, we created a range specific to this market segment and established ourselves not only as leaders but also as innovators. The design process was able to capture the needs of all stakeholders in the building process and translate them into a product that is perfectly suited to its application.