Schneider Electric 5 Iconic® 2AX Connected Module

  • Ngā Kaimahi / Team Members
    Tim Turrini-Rochford, Vinay Kumar, Pramod Aryal, Stuart Watson

The Iconic 2AX is the world's smallest single-piece connected switch module. It brings connected functionality to a standard switch grid through its unique modular design and small form factor. Through a gateway, the 2AX module can enable users to scale up to a full smart home experience.

Homes are becoming more and more connected however, smart home solutions are often complex, require the entire switch grid to be replaced, or don't work with the existing wall plates at all. The 2AX Switch Module design allows the easy upgrade of our Iconic switch plates to a connected smart switch in seconds. The module requires no special mounting in the wall as it is compatible with all the standard mounting in the Pacific region and is easily scalable to a full smart home experience. Through the ability to connect to gateways and voice controls via external hubs, the 2AX module gives the end-user the ability to scale up to a full smart home experience. The design highlights its unique functions to installers by revealing its innovation and cubic PCB arrangement within its transparent casing and tiny overall size.

The 2AX Module enables homeowners to gain better control over their energy use by making the house more energy-efficient through saving electricity and reducing carbon emissions. The smart timer function, one of the key integrated features of the module, ensures that lights and fans do not stay on longer than required within the home. The Iconic Connected Switch can be scaled up into a full smart home ecosystem through the connection between other smart devices. In addition, the Iconic 2AX Module can be programmed to serve as an eco-button that switches all lights and appliances off when leaving the house.

Electricians benefit from the modular nature allowing them to install the connected module in seconds through the interaction with the locking bar on the switch grid. The terminals are shrouded to limit the accidental contact with live parts and have a funnelled opening to improve the entry of cables so the install process is not only safer but also easier and cleaner. Connecting the module to our mobile app enables a range of functions including dimming, smart timing, and scene-setting. The 2AX Switch Module can also be connected to other devices to enable voice control or added to an existing smart home ecosystem.

PDL and its parent company Schneider Electric are the leaders in the digitization of homes. Connected technology gives people greater advisability and control over their energy use. The smart control of electrical devices allows them to be used more efficiently saving users money and addressing sustainability by reducing carbon emissions from electricity use. Enabling a scalable solution allows people access to this connected technology at a reasonable price people democratizing smart homes and enables them to upgrade over a flexible time period. This module also allows people to be more comfortable in their homes by allowing personalization in the way they control their electricity use.