Performance Sports Limited 5 CHAPTER2 - TOA

  • Pou Auaha / Creative Director
    Michael Pryde


To design a no-compromise aerodynamically optimised carbon fibre racing bike where all cables/hoses are fully integrated into a one-piece cockpit system that seamlessly transitions into the frame and forks.

Not only does the design have to be engineered to maximise aerodynamic performance, but must also be able to be ridden for long distances whilst providing vertical compliance for comfort and lateral stiffness to ensure every pedal stroke is translated into efficient forward motion.


The TOA (meaning "to be victorious, win" in Maori) is an all-out no-compromise carbon fibre race bike designed, engineered, and manufactured to the most exacting standards.

Modern performance features such as fully hidden cable routing reduces the aerodynamic drag of the bike so that it can slice through the air with the least amount of effort. The internal routing connects the gear/brake shifters to high-powered disc brakes whilst allowing for fully electronic gear systems available in the market.

In order to achieve this high level of System Integration, the MANA one-piece handlebar and stem is designed as an integral part of the platform that is not only aerodynamically efficient but also gives riders the stability and confidence to manoeuvre the bike at will.

Produced 100% out of Japanese-made Toray Carbon fibre, each of the +300 pieces of pre-preg carbon is carefully laid into a stainless steel clamshell mould and strictly engineered to work as one homogenous structure. The design takes the UCI (World Governing Body in Cycling) requirements to the limit, but no compromise has been taken for rider safety with all 5 sizes designed to meet and exceed the ISO Standards.

Other features such as increased tire clearance of up to 32mm and a Threaded T47 Bottom Bracket makes the TAO easy to service and noise-free, positioning the TOA as a truly contemporary performance piece of sporting equipment fit for both seasoned professional cyclists and weekend warriors.

Not only is the frameset's form factor a unique piece of engineering, but we also went all out with a show-stopping aesthetic not seen in a traditionally conservative cycling landscape, making the whole bike stand out and be noticed by the crowd.